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"The trouble with quotes on the Internet is that you never know if they are genuine."

-Abraham Lincoln

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_Varenna Grey Oak Furniture by Daval

2021 Bedrooms

2021 Bedroom Trends with Daval Furniture Award-winning British designer and manufacturer of quality fitted furniture, Daval, explore the latest bedroom furniture trends, which are set to take luxury lifestyle to a whole…
_Paul Da Silva, KBB Development Consultant, Foyne Jones_HR B&W

Appointment @Foyne

Paul Da Silva, KBB Development Consultant, Foyne Jones & Jones Digital New KBB Development Consultant at Foyne Foyne Jones, executive search and talent acquisition service providers for the KBB, Builders Merchant…
_Matt Handley, Supply Chain Manager, Imperial Bathrooms_HR

Appointment @Imperial

Matthew Handley, Supply Chain Manager, Imperial Bathrooms New Supply Chain Manager at Imperial Specialists in the design and manufacture of classic and contemporary British-made bathroom solutions, Imperial Bathrooms, bolster its operations team by…
_Brandt Design Hampstead Showroom, 489 Finchley Rd_HR

Appointment @Brandt

Rob Balfour, Project Manager – based at Brandt Design Hampstead: 489 Finchley Rd, West Hampstead New Project Manager at Brandt Design Brandt Design, luxury interior design studio continue its expansion at its…
_Rotpunkt 2021 – New Clay Dark kitchen & Ceiling Frames

New Ceiling Frames

New for 2021 – Clay Dark door colour | Canopy-style Ceiling Frames | Bicolour island unit: Zerox furniture Hang Tough – Ceiling Frames by Rotpunkt Rotpunkt, leading carbon-neutral manufacturer of quality…

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