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New 2021 product videos by Vogue (UK) 

Vogue (UK), the UK’s largest British designer and manufacturer of premium radiators and towel warmers has launched a set of live-action videos, which are available to view online and reveal the company’s all-inclusive customer journey and its latest additions for 2021…


The customer journey:




“We are very excited about the new set of live-action videos, which allow our customers to digitally interact with our products and brand safely in the comforts of home. Providing a clear narrative is an essential ingredient for any business and with the ongoing pandemic, we continue to be limited to digital communication. Having this new customer resource will ensure we continue to inspire our customers, preserve and build trust and credibility, as well as boost the level of product engagement through our website” says Steve Birch, Sales Director at Vogue (UK).


Each lifestyle video provides new insight into Vogue (UK), highlighting its premium British heritage and how the company can meet your needs and ultimately, fulfil your own personal style and heating requirements with ease and passion.


Steve continues, “We understand there is an inherent need for beautiful, user-friendly home heating, which has to satisfy the growing desire for high design and function that remains environmentally sensitive. In fact, celebrating your own unique style continues to define the modern home and this is extremely evident in the bathroom, which is experiencing a renewed level of creativity and more expressive choice of materials and finishes that are garnering new results in terms of efficiency and hygienic properties.”


Alongside its range of contemporary and traditional heating designs, Vogue (UK), offer an all-inclusive Bespoke Design Service where you can either customise an existing design or opt for a fully-commissioned towel warmer or radiator to create exactly what you are looking for.


In need of inspiration? The Vogue (UK) innovations video is a great starting point as it guides you through the entire Astute range of heating solutions – new and existing models – as well as recommendations and advice on the perfect finishing touch to elevate your design through to high quality accessories and exclusive finish options.


Portable, free to access and available 24/7, why not check out the latest live-action videos by Vogue (UK) and use them as your own reference tool to compare, pause and even watch again and again!


Vogue (UK) is the UK’s leading designer and manufacturer of quality towel warmers, designer radiators and heating accessories. It is very proud of its market-leading eco-credentials since 1990 with a commitment to reducing energy consumption without compromising on creating luxurious products through innovative, sustainable design.


Discover the latest 2021 radiator and towel warmer designs by contacting Vogue (UK):

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