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Designers: David Emmanuel Michaud, Wing | Nilo Gioacchini, Continental & Smart | Luca Cimarra, Onda

Whiteville Ceramics | The Design Collective 

Whiteville Ceramics, innovative Egyptian sanitaryware brand specialising in contemporary design led bathroom interiors, have put together a team of international designers from different cultures and backgrounds all united by the pursuit of innovation and practical concepts for their high quality sanitary ware collections.


David Emmanuel Michaud – designer of the Wing Collection by Whiteville Ceramics, Michaud is Swiss-French-born-US-raised and Italy-established and is renowned for always looking for excellence and style. Michaud’s out-of-the-box way of thinking pays special attention to sustainable design, where his belief for ‘change’ without environmental impact is what drives his passion to progress and create design-oriented home solutions that are ergonomically designed to fit any bathroom space.


The Wing Collection showcases David’s innovative design ethos as he unites three different design solutions in one unique modular system. Edgy, Smooth and Round form a complete series that bring outstanding design aesthetics to the modern bathroom and contemporary lifestyle.


Nilo Gioacchini – designer of both the Continental and Smart Collections, Gioacchini has over 35 years of professional experience working with some of the most chief international companies, as well as receive recognitions like the ‘National Mobile Fiera Competition’ in Trieste, the Bayer Italia Special Award and his ‘Mobile totale’ is part of the permanent exhibition of the MOMO Museum of Modern Arts in New York. He has a pragmatic attitude to projects and is free from any conventionalism in terms of trends, his studio operates in a variety of sectors from aeronautical interior to domestic environments with a specialty in sanitaryware design.


The Continental Collection is curvaceous and contemporary, a true reflection of Nilo’s extensive experience in sanitaryware design, which results in an elegant collection that is timeless and cosmopolitan. The Smart Collection combines practicality with style, offering high-tech qualities met with linear profiles to ensure this range of products will suit any bathroom environment.


Luca Cimarra – designer of the Onda collection by Whiteville Ceramics, started his career with a degree in architecture and long partnership with Italian architect, theorist and historian, Paolo Portoghesi. In 2005, Cimarra opened his studio AreA+3, where he took on many projects for a series of marketing leading brands. His background in architecture has driven his design skills and enabled him to focus on researching the best solutions in terms of functionality and style combined with innovation. His ability to harness his exclusive design skills are made clear across his extensive project portfolio and throughout his career, has won many prestigious awards like Design PLUS 2007 at ISH Frankfurt Messe and the Dino Gavina Award in 2009.


Onda Collection brings luxury and functionality, which are two of Luca’s most revered design skills, to welcome a modern sanitaryware collection where impeccable quality meets thin profiled basins, comfort seats and ultra-stylish WC’s.


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