Daylight Grey

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New for 2021: HPL Daylight Grey door colour | Black Wall Accessories | Black Handle Rail – Zerox furniture

New HPL Daylight Grey by Rotpunkt

Rotpunkt, award winning carbon-neutral manufacturer of quality German Kitchen furniture reinvents the neutral kitchen as it creates highly-graphic horizontal and vertical lines across its new Daylight Grey HPL colour option. 


Featured across its best-selling Zerox HPL (high pressure laminate) furniture range, Matt Phillips, Head of UK Operations at Rotpunkt explains “Kitchen design is constantly evolving and with today’s busy lifestyles, it has become a space that requires easy, everyday use and lack of visual clutter.

Interestingly, combining a series of horizontal and vertical lines will mean you can visually expand the height and/or width of your kitchen space – ideal if working with an awkward layout or you want to emphasise the architecture of your room like the windows and doors.”


“Structural shapes and clean lines of the 1980s are set to be huge in interiors this year so look out for geometric, block-style furniture that creates impact. That, along with linear profiles will play an important role in 2021, and this will influence the kitchen with special design elements like solid black edging, highly defined furniture and custom wall-panelling enhancing both function and overall design appeal” says Matt.


This dynamic kitchen concept offers a series of ergonomic innovations by Rotpunkt and they include:


NEW Daylight Grey: a new light grey door colour within Rotpunkt’s market leading extreme matt, high pressure laminate finish HPL. Daylight Grey is a robust, high-performance furniture solution ideally suited to the rigours of daily-life thanks to its low-maintenance surface, which is fade-resistant and anti-fingerprint for easy cleaning. A great alternative to pure white, Daylight Grey brings a soft, neutral element when used in combination with contemporary matt black and rich wood finishes.


NEW Wall-panel Accessories: take to the walls with the latest additions to Rotpunkt’s market-leading wall solutions include new glassware holders, industrial hooks, slimline storage caddy and kitchen roll dispenser all in black. This unique customisable storage system allows you to mix and match accessories and move them around as you wish, freeing up valuable worktop space while keeping essentials close to hand. As pictured, the wall-panelling system has been designed to line-up with the run of high and low units and the extra tall units frame two integrated ovens in perfect symmetry.


NEW Black accessories: black fixtures and fittings are now a standard feature of a Rotpunkt kitchen, playing to current trends and bringing extra gravitas to its range of new design options. New style options include light fittings, screws and shelf supports with complementary accessories in Carbon, a contemporary dark grey finish.


“Being strategic when it comes to storage options will make a kitchen living space much more flexible, creative and easy to maintain: especially if designing on a perimeter wall. We know that self-expression is at the core of today’s kitchen and we see our range of new products as your agent of change” says Matt.


For further information, please contact Rotpunkt UK as per below via email [email protected] or you can visit

Rotpunkt started several years ago to act sustainably and produce kitchens with a future. Its greenline BioBoard uses a resource-saving chipboard, which saves up to 50 football pitches of forestland per year. In 2020, the company reaches a new milestone with the introduction of greenline BioBoard Gen2, using chipboard that consists of up to 90% recycled wood. This enables Rotpunkt to save even more trees than before and in doing so, it fulfils the F**** standard = lowest possible formaldehyde emission = even better indoor climate! The new greenline BioBoard Gen2 is the sustainable, green and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional chipboards – without sacrificing on quality. As of 1st January 2020, the manufacture of all Rotpunkt kitchens is 100% carbon neutral from its production sites in Germany.